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Every single student received an interview offer after classes with our ISAT specialist.

– When attended for at least one month

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Memorising practice questions doesn’t work. Jasman, our ISAT specialist, knows this. He strives to ensure that students have a deeper understanding of the themes behind each question.

Building up these skills allows students to apply their knowledge to questions that they haven’t seen before. These skills aren’t just useful for the exam, they will completely transform your critical thinking. This is the secret to our success. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Jasman has been helping students all over the country gain entry into Australian medical schools since 2019. He has a perfect record – every single one of his long term students has received an interview offer when they attended for more than a month.

Jasman’s tutoring program offers:

  • A deep exploration of the question themes
  • Important numeracy skills required to understand quantitative reasoning questions
  • Information processing strategies to handle critical reasoning questions
  • A proven formula for tackling difficult questions under time pressure
  • Detailed advice to help you navigate the application process
  • Highly translatable skills that will improve your ability to think critically in all aspects of your life
Jasman Bedi

Meet Jasman – our ISAT specialist

Jasman has carefully curated a highly effective teaching method and even published his own practice material. Past students have found that the earlier they start with him, the greater the improvement in their scores!

Jasman is currently studying medicine at Monash University, after applying as an international student himself. He has a complete understanding of the entire admissions process for international students, which many students find very confusing.

As his student, you will have access to his ISAT expertise as well as his support during every step of your journey to medical school.

See what our past students say

Jas was able to help me understand what an exam like ISAT wants from us, something which I failed to do myself when I gave the exam without him in the previous year.

– John L

Jasman taught me how to be smart in the way I study for the ISAT which helped me a lot in juggling the pressure of ISAT as well as Year 12. He even helped me out in his own time to help me come up with study plans which none of my other tutors did!

– Patrick W

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