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Our medical interview training program.

We know that a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to interviews doesn’t work. We pride ourselves on delivering highly personalised training that recognises each student is a unique individual. We work hard to tailor our program to your personality, and our incredibly high success rate is a testament to why our program works.

Over 90% of our 2021 students received offers to medical school.

We have vast experience with preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate medical interviews across Australian medical schools. Our program guide you through how to tackle the MMI and panel style interviews. The best part? Our training sessions are far cheaper than our competitors. Our sessions are also available online for students who are unable to attend in person.

We have developed a tried and proven approach to the medical interviews that involves a complex understanding of the common question themes, the reasoning behind why these questions are asked, and how to empower a student to be the best version of themselves in the interviews.

Our tutoring program covers:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the question themes
  • A proven formula to tackling any question under time pressure
  • Simulated stations/panels designed to replicate the exact environment of the interview
  • A wide and varied range of stations and questions to practice
  • Tailored assessment for improving a student’s manner and ability to communicate well and succinctly
  • Detailed explanation of how to handle the unique pressure of these interviews and how to control nerves
  • Highly translatable skills that will improve your ability to communicate, relate to people and express the best version of yourself in the wider aspects of your life beyond the interviews
Pimal Ranasinghe

Meet Dr Pimal Ranasinghe, the MMI Guy

Pimal has been helping students all over the country gain entry into Australian medical schools since 2015. Pimal boasts a near perfect record, with almost all of his students receiving offers.

We’ve carefully curated a teaching method that is individualised to every student, taking advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of candidates to bring out their best self. These skills aren’t just useful for interviews, they will completely transform the way you communicate.

Pimal is also currently undertaking a Master of Public Health at The University of Sydney, which has provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the medical ethics, preventative medicine and health promotion issues explored in the interviews.

How do we stack up against our competitors?

You deserve the best training Australia has to offer. At the best price.

Our proven interview training program has a success rate over 90%.

Intuition Academics MedEntry NIE
Cost $60/hour (small groups) $445 $750
Duration 2h/session 1 day 3 hours
Frequency Weekly sessions One-off session One-off session
Referral discount Yes
$10/hour discount
Money back guarantee* Yes X X
Tailored to each student Yes X X
*If you aren’t satisfied after your first session, get your money back.

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