What Kind of Note Taker Are You? Unleash Your Superpower in Studying!

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Hey, high school students! As you navigate the academic world, taking notes is an essential skill that can make or break your studying success. But did you know that there are different types of note takers? Understanding your note-taking style can help you unleash your superpower in studying and ace those exams. So, let’s dive into the fascinating realm of note-taking and discover what kind of note taker you are!

The Scribbler

You’re the speed demon of note takers! Your hand flies across the page, capturing every word your teacher says. You believe in getting it all down, but sometimes, your notes become a messy jumble of information that’s hard to decipher later. While you don’t miss a beat during class, reviewing your notes might feel overwhelming.

Unleash Your Superpower: Practice using abbreviations and symbols to jot down key points. Try colour-coding different topics or using highlighters to emphasise important information. This way, you can maintain your speed while still organising your notes effectively.

The Artist

You turn your notes into a work of art! Your pages are filled with doodles, elaborate headers, and eye-catching designs. You find that visualising your notes helps you remember better. While your creativity is commendable, make sure not to get carried away and lose focus on the content.

Unleash Your Superpower: Embrace your creativity, but also remember the primary purpose of your notes – to retain and recall information. Try using mind maps or concept diagrams to visually represent the relationships between different topics.

The Tech Guru

You’ve gone paperless! With your trusty laptop or tablet, you take digital notes during class. Your typing speed is impressive, and you love the convenience of having all your notes neatly organised in folders. However, you might miss out on the benefits of handwriting notes, which can aid memory retention.

Unleash Your Superpower: Use the best of both worlds! Consider combining digital note-taking with handwritten summaries or flashcards for revision purposes. Studies show that the act of writing can enhance memory.

The Highlighter Queen/King

Your highlighters are your best friends! You love to colour-code and mark essential information with neon colours. While highlighting can be helpful, too much of it can make your notes cluttered and hard to read.

Unleash Your Superpower: Be selective with your highlighting. Focus on key points, definitions, or headings. Use different colours for different types of information to help your brain categorise and remember them.

The Condenser

You have the superpower of summarisation! You listen attentively and pick out the most critical points, condensing information into concise notes. Your notes are neat and organised, making them easy to review before exams.

Unleash Your Superpower: Keep honing your summarisation skills, but be cautious not to skip vital details. Ensure you capture enough context for the main points to make sense during revision.

The Verbatim Scribe

You transcribe every word, verbatim. You believe in capturing a lecture exactly as it’s presented. While your notes are comprehensive, they might lack critical analysis and personal understanding.

Unleash Your Superpower: Focus on active listening during class. Aim to understand the material rather than just copying it down. Add your thoughts, questions, and connections to the notes, making them more meaningful and memorable.

The Post-Lecture Transcriber

You record the lecture and transcribe it later. This method allows you to capture every detail accurately, but it can be time-consuming and may lead to delayed studying.

Unleash Your Superpower: If you find this method helpful, use it strategically. Record lectures for complex topics or guest speakers, but actively take notes for regular class sessions. This way, you strike a balance between accuracy and efficiency.


Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to note-taking. Embrace your note-taking superpower and adapt it to suit different subjects and learning environments. Experiment with various techniques and find what works best for you. The goal is to create notes that are clear, organised, and cater to your unique learning style. So, channel your inner note-taking superhero, and let your notes become the key to unlocking your academic success! Happy note-taking!

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