VCE Further Maths Overview

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Further maths is currently the most popular maths subject offered for VCE. It is considered the easiest of the three maths subjects available, the other two being Math Methods and Specialist Maths.

Unit 3 requires that students learn two core modules: Data Analysis, and Recursion & Financial Modelling.

Data analysis gives students their first taste of important statistical concepts such as visual representation of data, data transformation, linear regression, and time series. These skills have signfiicant real-world applications and are frequently built upon in many commerce and science degrees at university.

Recursion & Financial Modelling focusses on key concepts of financial maths such as simple and compound interest, interest rates, and valuation of assets and loans. Again, this module has many real-world applications and may even help students with personal finance in future!

Unit 4 requires that students complete two modules selected from the following four possible modules:

  • Matrices
  • Networks & Decision Mathematics
  • Geometry & measurement
  • Graphs & Relations

The modules that each student studies are usually chosen by the student’s school.

Our take

We think everyone should take Further Maths! Here’s why:

  • Further Maths is great for students who are interested in maths but may struggle with Math Methods.
  • Strong maths students should take Further Maths in addition to other maths subjects. These students should take advantage of their strengths to ease their workload and improve their marks.
  • Data and technology are becoming increasingly important in the modern world. We think everyone should learn data analysis! For many students, Further Maths presents the first foray into this field.
  • Financial maths concepts have many applications in personal finance and the professional world.

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