VCE Biology Overview

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If you’re here you might be asking yourself – is biology the right VCE subject for me? With so many science subjects on offer, it can be hard to choose! You might be interested in a career in medicine or biomedicine, or maybe you’re just curious about how nature works. Here, we dive into the concepts covered as part of the VCE curriculum. Read on to see who we think is suited to this subject!

Currently, Biology is the most popular science subject chosen by VCE students. It is a combination of rote learning and application of one’s knowledge. This makes it quite a content-heavy subject in comparison to other sciences like chemistry and physics, which are considered more calculation-based.

Unit 3 examines how living organisms maintain life. Students will learn about the key molecules and biochemical pathways that allow cellular processes to occur, both within and between cells. This includes exploring how the immune system defends against disease, how energy is produced, and how signals are sent throughout the body.

Unit 4 looks at life from a more holistic perspective and considers the changes and challenges faced by Earth’s inhabitants. In this unit you will learn about genetics within populations, biodiversity, the relationships between species, and human evolution. Students will also explore the manipulation of DNA using biotechnologies as a developing area of research and look into the social and ethical ramifications of such advances in our society.

Our take:

We think everyone should take Biology! Here’s why:

  • It is great for students who want to keep a science to maintain balance within their subjects
  • It is a fantastic foundation for anyone interested in pursuing tertiary studies in the sciences, particularly in degrees in medicine, biomedicine and science.
  • Learning about the body and how it functions is both fascinating and relevant to the world around you. Interesting topics include genetics, immunity and the various processes that allow us to live.
  • Biology integrates multiple sciences together. In particular, chemistry and biology complement each other really well.
  • Biology rewards enthusiasm and genuine interest, ultimately allowing a strong work ethic to shine.

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